How to register and use HootSuite


Hootsuite is a social media management tool created by Ryan Holmes in 2008 and was founded in Vancouver, Canada. Since then it has become an essential tool for many social media managers around the globe. It has the capability to manage multiple social media accounts using one dashboard thus it makes it easier to check or update your social networks, particularly for business owners.

Social Media has been one of the important aspects when it comes to internet marketing. By using Social Media you can build better relationship with existing customers and broaden your current customer base which could contribute in increasing your sales. Today, almost everyone has their own social media accounts and this fact made it easier for businesses to advertise at a minimal cost.

One of the best uses of Hootsuite is you can automatically track conversations and post messages to multiple social media accounts just by logging into a single account which is your Hootsuite account. You can also schedule posts so that you don’t need to be constantly logged in just to post messages. Another convenient function of this tool is you can measure campaign results using their analytics which is only available for Pro accounts.

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Below is step by step guide on how to register and use basic HootSuite for social media management..


How to register and use SurveyMonkey



SurveyMonkey is a web tool that allows you to send free surveys, polls, questionnaires, customer feedback and market research. It’s very easy to use especially in integrating it into your website. Surveys allow you to collect data in a short span of time. It is also a cheap alternative to other data collection techniques such as phone calls or sending postal mail surveys.

An online survey plays a big role for an Internet Marketer. It can generate contacts by giving an option for them to receive e-mail newsletters. Surveys can also be a powerful promotional tool for the product or service in question by providing a positive association in the consumer mind of that certain product.

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular online survey tools. It’s easy to use in which you could build your own survey by selecting pre-assigned templates or by making your own. It also has a lot of options for distributing surveys and collecting responses. SurveyMonkey uses powerful analytical tools for intelligent insights and solutions.

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Below is step by step guide on how to register and use SurveyMonkey on your blog.

How to register and use Ecwid (E-commerce widget)


Every internet marketer dreams to have a successful and sales boosting e-commerce website. It turns out that this can be easily achieved as long as you know what tools and software needed to revamp your existing website. E-commerce websites or Sale Pages is the bread and butter for an Internet Marketer. This is where they could amass potential customers  and retain existing ones. As a customer myself, I get so bored reading sales pages that are dull, while some are too complex. With just one look, you could lose lots of potential customers because of an unappealing website. Now, this is where widgets come in.

Ecwid or E-commerce widget is an innovative shopping cart that impeccably integrates with your existing website. It can also be used on social media sites such as Facebook and mySpace. It’s very easy to use, simply by inserting few lines of codes and it will automatically reflect on your website or profile page. This is ideal for those who already own an existing site but wants to have a professional looking online store in it.

With all the positive reviews for Ecwid, it is still far from being perfect. Ecwid powered store are not easy to optimized for search engines. This means the individual product pages cannot be indexed by Google, which clearly is a disadvantage. Ecwid did provide  a workaround for this issue.

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Below you can find the step by step tutorial on how to register and use Ecwid on your existing  blog.

How to register and use Skype

This is definitely one of the technology that is much needed in the Virtual Assistant world. Aside from the fact that this is greatly used in communicating with your clients, it also provides the cheapest services and unlimited minute subscriptions than other VOIP’s. Skype is also easy to use even for less tech-savvy individuals especially since it doesn’t have any hardware to install.

Skype allows users to communicate through voice by means of using microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging over the internet. You can also use Skype in placing calls on the traditional telephone network and mobile phones at a minimal cost that are charged via a debit-based user account. You can also use Skype for free if you’re only calling within the Skype community

Skype has become more widely known because of its additional features like video-conferencing and file transfer.

You can download Skype here.

Below you can find the step by step guide on how to register and use Skype.

How to register and use Passwordbox


There are numerous password keeper you’ll find on the internet these days. Personally, I haven’t tried any of those but one that really got my attention and change my mind is Passwordbox. It was just released on June 25 and yet it has already surpassed Gmail as the #1 productivity application in IOS since the time of the invite-only beta launch. As for now, they are currently offering free lifetime membership for those who will be able to invite at least 5 of their friends to use and download this application.

Because of all the buzz surrounding this new password keeper tool, most people are worried about the so-called protection Passwordbox has. According to their website, the data submitted is protected by AES-256 military-grade encryption which was also used by the US government. They also don’t have any access to see those saved data once we lose our master password, therefore you simply need to remember this one very important password.

Here is a quick rundown of what Password box has in store for you.
•    Access to all your username and passwords across all your devices anytime and anywhere
•    Sleek user interface that is so easy to use even for your 80 yr old grandmother or 7 yr old son
•    End to end encryption sharing that provides you the security to share your logins to your friends, co-workers or family members without them knowing your exact password
•    Digital legacy that allows you to have a digital heir for your digital life in case something happens to you
•    Auto-sync which allows you to edit or add passwords that will automatically sync with all your devices
•    Password generator that provides you the security of having complicated passwords that would probably take centuries to hack.
•    Security that is protected by AES-256 military-grade encryption, same as with the US government

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Below you can find a step-by-step tutorial presentation:
How to register and use Passwordbox