How to register and use Ecwid (E-commerce widget)


Every internet marketer dreams to have a successful and sales boosting e-commerce website. It turns out that this can be easily achieved as long as you know what tools and software needed to revamp your existing website. E-commerce websites or Sale Pages is the bread and butter for an Internet Marketer. This is where they could amass potential customers  and retain existing ones. As a customer myself, I get so bored reading sales pages that are dull, while some are too complex. With just one look, you could lose lots of potential customers because of an unappealing website. Now, this is where widgets come in.

Ecwid or E-commerce widget is an innovative shopping cart that impeccably integrates with your existing website. It can also be used on social media sites such as Facebook and mySpace. It’s very easy to use, simply by inserting few lines of codes and it will automatically reflect on your website or profile page. This is ideal for those who already own an existing site but wants to have a professional looking online store in it.

With all the positive reviews for Ecwid, it is still far from being perfect. Ecwid powered store are not easy to optimized for search engines. This means the individual product pages cannot be indexed by Google, which clearly is a disadvantage. Ecwid did provide  a workaround for this issue.

If you’re interested to get a free trial of this amazing widget, click here.

Below you can find the step by step tutorial on how to register and use Ecwid on your existing  blog.


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