How to register and use HootSuite


Hootsuite is a social media management tool created by Ryan Holmes in 2008 and was founded in Vancouver, Canada. Since then it has become an essential tool for many social media managers around the globe. It has the capability to manage multiple social media accounts using one dashboard thus it makes it easier to check or update your social networks, particularly for business owners.

Social Media has been one of the important aspects when it comes to internet marketing. By using Social Media you can build better relationship with existing customers and broaden your current customer base which could contribute in increasing your sales. Today, almost everyone has their own social media accounts and this fact made it easier for businesses to advertise at a minimal cost.

One of the best uses of Hootsuite is you can automatically track conversations and post messages to multiple social media accounts just by logging into a single account which is your Hootsuite account. You can also schedule posts so that you don’t need to be constantly logged in just to post messages. Another convenient function of this tool is you can measure campaign results using their analytics which is only available for Pro accounts.

If you’re interested to get this amazing social media managing tool, click here.

Below is step by step guide on how to register and use basic HootSuite for social media management..


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