How to register and use Passwordbox


There are numerous password keeper you’ll find on the internet these days. Personally, I haven’t tried any of those but one that really got my attention and change my mind is Passwordbox. It was just released on June 25 and yet it has already surpassed Gmail as the #1 productivity application in IOS since the time of the invite-only beta launch. As for now, they are currently offering free lifetime membership for those who will be able to invite at least 5 of their friends to use and download this application.

Because of all the buzz surrounding this new password keeper tool, most people are worried about the so-called protection Passwordbox has. According to their website, the data submitted is protected by AES-256 military-grade encryption which was also used by the US government. They also don’t have any access to see those saved data once we lose our master password, therefore you simply need to remember this one very important password.

Here is a quick rundown of what Password box has in store for you.
•    Access to all your username and passwords across all your devices anytime and anywhere
•    Sleek user interface that is so easy to use even for your 80 yr old grandmother or 7 yr old son
•    End to end encryption sharing that provides you the security to share your logins to your friends, co-workers or family members without them knowing your exact password
•    Digital legacy that allows you to have a digital heir for your digital life in case something happens to you
•    Auto-sync which allows you to edit or add passwords that will automatically sync with all your devices
•    Password generator that provides you the security of having complicated passwords that would probably take centuries to hack.
•    Security that is protected by AES-256 military-grade encryption, same as with the US government

If you choose to download this amazing password keeper tool, just click here.

Below you can find a step-by-step tutorial presentation:
How to register and use Passwordbox


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